Friday, February 8, 2013

Sunrise Rotary Blog Update

Art the Wrapper

Link to Transformational Video included in Craig Andrews presentation.

Janet works her magic.

Jeff and Lance a little blurry in the morning before their coffee.

Lance still blurry before his Diet Coke.

Luther thinks about an obscene jesture

Marge tells Shayne how to do it.

Power wrappers

Penny Feldman Holistic Healer

Shayne Pays off Trish

Utah Legal Services

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blog-o-rama!!! An Update to the blog

It has been quite some time since the blogger udated the Dixie Sunrise Rotary Blog.  Sadly, the blogger has not heard from anyone as to the lack of updates.  With that being said, enjoy this picture buffet  :- )

Annette, say a prayer for all of us please!

"You talkin to me?"

Dicken's Festival presentation with the Thayne Twins.  (Maiden Name)

Janet Haines receives another Paul Harris Fellow.  Presented to her by the love of her life, Art.

See the one in the middle?  Now that's a calf.  And I don't me veal.

Quinn with his posse.  Honorary member of B.A.C.A.

Search and Rescue with the A-Frame. 

The sexy legs crew. 

Shayne sports a new tie.  Stripes on stripes?  I don't think so, muchacho.

Trish!!!!  That's all you need to say.
Joe and Dan conspire to take over the world. 

BLOG Guests

Today's Rotary International News

A Brief History of Dixie Sunrise Rotary

  • The first meeting of the provisional club was held May 9, 1996 at the Hampton Inn in St. George. There were 4 attendees: Gerald C. Harrison, Chapin Burks, David Prink and T. Robert Cochran.
  • The second meeting was held at the Hampton Inn with 3 attendees: Gerald C. Harrison, Chapin Burks and T. Robert Cochran. (What were they thinking?)
  • Subsequently, attendance grew until there were 25 attendees, and Rotary International issued the club’s charter on September 5, 1996, four days short of four months after the first meeting.
  • Charter Members were:

Bryan “Chuck” Barton, Chris Jones, Annette Basso, Jill Jones, Gregory F. Basso, Peggy Lynch, James L. Brownell, Fay McFadden,Chapin Burks, James G. Mersman, T. Robert Cochran, Rick A. Parker, Rick Evans, David J. Prink, Christine Evans-Burks, Evan J. Racker, Darrin Hallman, Sean Ray, Gerald C. Harrison, Lynn R. Spafford, Brad Hasty, Nate Staheli, Kerry K. Hepworth, David B. Turner, John L. Johnson

  • Founding Officers and Directors were:

Gerald C. Harrison President, Chapin Burks President-Elect, T. Robert Cochran Secretary/Treasurer, David J. Prink Club Service Dir, Christine Evans-Burks Community Service Dir, Bryan “Chuck” Barton International Service Dir, Kerry K. Hepworth Vocational Service Dir

  • Presidents:
      • 1996-1997 Gerald C Harrison
      • 1997-1998 Chapin Burks
      • 1998-1999 David J Prink
      • 1999-2000 Gregory F Basso
      • 2000-2001 Vardell H Curtis
      • 2001-2002 Paul R Gooch O.D.
      • 2002-2003 Rhys Weaver
      • 2003-2004 Margaret S Shakespeare
      • 2004-2005 Rocky E Neal
      • 2005-2006 Todd Watts
      • 2006-2007 Joseph Christopher
      • 2007-2008 Joseph H Bowcutt III
      • 2008-2009 Paul Gooch
      • 2009-2010 Marla Shelby-Drabner
      • 2010-2012 Jeff Wilcox

  • Member Census at Rotary Year-End (June 30):

1997: 27, 1998: 48, 1999: 50, 2000: 45, 2001: 58, 2002: 66, 2003: 57 All-time High: 72, 2004: 59, 2005: 43, 2006: 43, 2007: 41

  • Attendance by Rotary Year:

1996-1997: 72.09%, 1997-1998: 75.78%, 1998-1999: 78.06%, 1999-2000: 70.09%, 2000-2001: 72.38%, 2001-2002: 71.51%, 2002-2003: 73.05%, 2003-2004: 73.40%, 2004-2005:, 2005-2006: 60.31%, 2006:2007: 60.62%